“A lot of great musicians immerse themselves in a world of sound, and in Martin Dosh’s case, that’s true on more than one level.” – AV Club


The Larry Schaefer Memorial Orchestra is a large ensemble that plays improvised music, sometimes with minimal structures. Incorporating elements of free jazz, soul jazz, and Afrobeat, they are inspired by electric period Miles Davis, early Weather Report, Can, James Brown and Fela Kuti, among others.

This is an all-star group of accomplished artists from across the improvised music spectrum. Each member of the group leads their own projects and brings their considerable compositional and listening skills to the table. No two shows are alike; no two songs are alike. This is a celebration of immediate, ephemeral music.

Featuring Bryan Nichols and John Keston on electric piano and synth; Jeremy Ylvisaker and Dee Kesler on guitars; Erik Fratzke on bass; Peter Goggin and Chris Thomson on saxophones; Jake Baldwin on trumpet; Joey van Phillips, Martin Dosh, and Umar Malik on drums and percussion.

Recommended for Fans of The Bad Plus, JT Bates, LA Buckner and Happy Apple.


Learn More: https://dosh.bandcamp.com/


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