Are Foodies Slowly Killing Rock-n-Roll?

Posted on May 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

Are Foodies Slowly Killing Rock-n-Roll?

Why is it the rule breakers in the movies are always music junkies? Washington Post suggest that for generations music has been used by adolescents and 20-somethings to define themselves, their politics, and their social standing. Bands like the Beatles, and artists like Bob Dylan have defined genres for decades. Rebel-rousers, pacifists, and intellectuals all found their niche in the music world. But that may no longer be the case and we have foodies to thank.

In a world where music is free and readily available, and auto-tune can make a chart-topper of anyone, music as an experience, or more accurately, as an appreciable experience, has lost its value to youth. For the first time, maybe ever, consumer trends suggest that 20-somethings aren’t spending their already-sparse-income on CDs and concerts, they’re spending it on food trucks and gastronomical experiences. While the Dakota has always been a place where foodies and music-lovers have been the same, the question remains: is the cultural importance of great music disappearing?

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