A silent acknowledgement of the shared experience

Posted on September 18, 2014 in Food & Drink

“Dining partners, regardless of gender, social standing, or the years they’ve lived, should be chosen for their ability to eat – and drink! – with the right mixture of abandon and restraint. They should enjoy food, and look upon its preparation and its degustation as one of the human arts.” – MFK Fisher

In the creation of all things nourishing, one must examine the basic needs nourishment fulfills. The common experience of being truly nourished is a satisfying comfort and security that translates to pure love. The nourishment of the heart, body and mind where people come together in a common understanding and acceptance of one another is the true joy of this fulfillment. Conversation may come naturally with the shared pleasure of confirming one another’s acceptance, or it may live quietly as an unspoken smile and glimmer in the eye. A silent acknowledgement of the shared experience. The dining space can be as simple as an unadorned wooden table decorated only with the seasons simple offerings. A local squash made into a warm nutty soup, a Minnesota heirloom tomato garnished with sea salt and paired with artisan cheese. The mood is set to nourish with kitchen creations for the body and spirit. A hundred souls gathered tightly together ready to experience the joy of nourishment fulfilled by food, music and finally – by the comfort of being understood, being accepted and being one in a unique and joyful experience.