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Posted on September 11, 2014 in Food & Drink

The Down Under Gossip

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc by the Glass

Exciting changes are afoot and none of them have to do with the weather. Well, that isn’t exactly true… The menu change happening this Saturday is prompted by newly available seasonal product, and we are gaining a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc in all the excitement! Early to win the hearts of wine drinkers around the world, New Zealand Sauv Blancs, have the easily identifiable flavor profile of grassy herbaciousness blended with the tart, crisp taste of gooseberry. Our new wine, hailing from Marlborough, is from Wither Hills and is 100% estate grown. Light yeast lees contact gives it a roundness that makes it perfectly balanced with bright acidity. And although they are very dedicated to a zero-carbon footprint, they do not advertise that they are 100% sustainable and organic – so we’ll do it for you.

Look for it staring this Saturday – $9 a glass – $39 a bottle

Black Bubbles from Australia

Speaking of New Zealand we have another treat from their neighbors in Australia. Australians go crazy for a glass of their famous black bubbles. The clink of glasses and the soft banter of celebration shows a dark red hue in this country far from our own. The golden hue of our typical bubbly favorites are clear and bright making the idea of black bubbles a bit strange and mysterious to us. But the moment you see the thick foam pour into your glass, you’ll instinctually lend your face to the top of your glass and be greeted lightly by the kiss of tiny bubbles filled with the scent of cherries and blackberries. One taste of these black bubbles and your heart sings with dark delight. Fresh, bright, fruity and full this is the drink you will come back to all season long.

Join us for the first taste of these bubbles at our September wine lunch and find it by the glass through October 15th
Featured at the September 18th Wine Lunch with the Wine Maker, Kym Davey of Shingleback Wines – limited space available.