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Posted on September 11, 2014 in Food & Drink

Caramel Apple Éclair

Warm, spiced apples. Tender, flaky crust. A scoop of cool, creamy vanilla ice cream. A slice of apple pie is a sure sign that fall is arriving. Here at Dakota, Pastry Chef Katie Elsing is turning a fall tradition on its head by re-imagining that slice of apple pie as a composed Caramel Apple Éclair.

Made from pâte à choux, a versatile pastry staple, éclairs are a perfect stand-in for a flakey, crunchy crust. Pâte à choux can be used for several sweets ranging from crème puffs, to sugar dusted profiteroles, chocolate glazed crullers, and powdered sugar coated beignets, to savory options like the light cheesy gougers. Pâte à choux is a dough that has no leaving agents, but utilizes high moisture content to release vast amounts of steam while baking to create a light crispy pastry with large air pockets perfect for filling.

The Caramel Apple Éclair is topped with a salted brown sugar cookie before baking to promote a crisp crunchy top. After cooling, the top is cut open and filled with vanilla bean cream and caramel apple compote. Served alongside this delicious pastry is a spicy, ginger infused ice cream, salty-sweet white cheddar streusel, and cinnamon spiked apple butter. Rounding out this dessert is a creamy caramel mousse with Pepin Heights aerated apple cider foam.