Steve Smith and Vital Information at the Dakota

Posted on June 2, 2015 in Upcoming Shows

If you’re going to miss the Rolling Stones on Wednesday, you can still catch Steve Smith and Vital Information at the Dakota. Steve. The drummer in Journey during it’s heyday, He can play any style – from jazz to world rhythms. He was named one of the 25 Greatest Drummers of All Time by Modern Drummer magazine

Read a sweet little story about Stones drummer, Charlie Watts meeting Steve Smith and being “completely blown away by Steve’s technique and musicality.”

“Charlie was in Boston with the Stones to kick off their “Bigger Bang Tour” at Gillette Stadium the following night, September 20th. Charlie had invited me to the Stones rehearsal on Monday, Sept 18th and I mentioned Steve playing the following night with his group Jazz Legacy, a tribute to all the Jazz greats. I knew Charlie would dig it. He’d heard of Steve, but wasn’t too familiar with his playing. Some of you might recall my story about bringing Charlie to see Brian Blade at the Regatta Bar nine years earlier, in October 1997. So fast forward to the night and Steve is seriously throwing down! He’s playing the shit out of the gig, not overplaying, but definitely throwing in a few tricks and Charlie is completely blown away by Steve’s technique and musicality. Who wouldn’t be!? After the set, we go back to Steve’s room and I introduce Charlie to Steve, as well as Dave Mattacks, who was also there. Charlie tells Steve how much he enjoyed the show, and while they’re chatting, Steve says, “We actually met back in 1981 when I played with Journey. We opened for you in Philadelphia and when Steve Perry said, “Thanks for making our album Escape, #1″, the audience booed us off stage”! Charlie was mortified. He said, “I’m so sorry. You played in Journey? Were you that good then” to which Steve humbly replied, “Probably not”. One of my favorite stories and I ever write a book, that story is going in it!” – John Christopher