Posted on August 31, 2016 in Music

There is magic in a Davell Crawford performance.

It is not because he has been performing for so long, (he has played piano since he was a young child), but because he is supremely talented. He showers audiences with his natural soulfulness and raw emotion with every melody he plays, and every note that he sings. It is our great fortune that this is the case.

A powerhouse pianist and vocalist, he is also an accomplished composer and arranger. He glides effortlessly from one musical genre to another, embracing everything from jazz, blues and gospel to country and pop. Where else could he hail from but New Orleans, with its diverse offering of all musical varieties and styles? This is reflected in the ease with which carries on the tradition of Louisiana piano greats like Jelly Roll Morton, Fats Domino, Professor Longhair, and Allen Toussaint.

Crawford is often compared to iconic artists such as Ray Charles, Nina Simone, and Stevie Wonder, and though this couldn’t be better company, he has carved out his own niche among these greats with a sound that is his and only his. It can be highly energetic at times, but it can blow you away with its nuance. He has thrilled audiences around the world with his ability to reach inside of each us and touch are hearts.

If you are are smart and lucky enough to live or be near the Dakota Jazz Club on Sunday, September 4th, you will have the awesome opportunity of attending the Davell Crawford Birthday Bash! Join us at The Dakota at 7:00PM for what will most certainly be one of the best shows of the year. Let’s help this virtuoso, who has brought joy pleasure to so many with his gift, have one of the most outstanding birthday celebrations ever! What a treat to be able to give back some of the jubilance we will surely experience, to this awe inspiring artist. Let’s Celebrate!  CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS  or call 612.332.5299.

Stacey Tyler @childofprince
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Photograph Courtesy of Elsa Hahne and Golden Richard lll