A glass of bright, coppery-pink wine arrives at your table…

Posted on June 2, 2017 in Food & Drink

….to the envy of those around you.  It catches the light and sparkles in a manner reminiscent of a tourmaline gemstone.  A quick pass under your nose yields notes of melon that play with the ripe pear aromas.  As the perfectly pink liquid passes your lips, the creamy mouth feel hangs and allows the ripened fruit notes to truly blossom and spread throughout the whole of your palate.  Perhaps a bottle is in order…
Pullus, a Pinot Grigio from Slovenia, is the latest addition to our by-the-glass list.  Beautifully hued, this wine has been macerated to give it depth of both flavor and color.  The time spent on the skins and aging on the lees gives the overripe melon and pear flavors typical to this grape a depth and creamy mouth feel that holds strong for a long finish.  As a final touch, six months in oak round out the flavors and weight of this breathtaking rose-colored wine. 

This is a Pinot Grigio for wine lovers and novices alike.  And while delicious on its own, it also pairs splendidly with light meats and vegetables. Extend an invitation to your table tonight  – $7 by the glass.

-MP & EN