It’s Grits, Baby

Posted on July 10, 2017 in Featured Blog Post

It’s dawn. The sun, just a glowing suggestion in the distance, is yawning from underneath the horizon. The fields are sown, the crops are growing. As you gaze out over your land, sipping coffee and slowly waking up, you envision a delicious means of sating your morning appetite and fueling what will surely be a hard day of work. If there was ever a dish capable of evoking this fantasy of rustic American life… it’s grits, baby

Typically a breakfast staple, this Southern treat has found its way on to our menu in the form of a side plate. The rich, mild flavor and buttery texture of Chef Derik’s Cheese Grits make it the perfect means of offsetting a lighter entre. Pair it with one of our drier white wines (the Terredora di Paolo Falanghini, perhaps) or a glass of champagne if you’re celebrating an anniversary, a promotion, or simply a Tuesday evening.

The corn meal for our grits is sourced from Anson Mills, a grain farm and distributor based in South Carolina. Anson’s founder, Glenn Roberts, was inspired to create his enterprise out of the dearth of traditional, Antebellum grains that had all but gone extinct in the United States. Through meticulous research and collaboration with plant geneticists, Roberts was able to revive varieties of grain that harken directly back to an American cuisine that had essentially disappeared in the wake of modern life. Dakota is proud to work with Anson Mills to bring you this delicate palette of flavors from the past.

Hard work pays off. Catch a taste of the Southern pastoral dream, only at Dakota.

Cheese Grits | $7
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