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One of the most popular funk groups of the ’70s, WAR is also one of the most eclectic, freely melding soul, Latin, jazz, blues, reggae, and rock influences into an effortlessly funky whole. Although WAR’s lyrics are sometimes political in nature (in keeping with their racially integrated lineup), their music almost always has a sunny, laid-back vibe emblematic of their Southern California roots.

WAR keeps the groove loose, and on their 1970s recordings they were given over to extended jamming — in fact, many of their studio songs were edited together out of longer improvisations. Even if the jams sometimes got indulgent, they demonstrated WAR’S truly group-minded approach: no one soloist or vocalist really stood above the others (even though all were clearly talented), and their grooving interplay placed WAR in the top echelon of funk ensembles.

WAR’s sound captures the heart and soul of America’s streets. From the late-’60s all the way to the present day, Los Angeles-based WAR played the music that made people dance and think. Fusing rock, Latin rhythms, funk, blues, jazz, and soul into a distinctive sound all their own, WAR, the self-described Afro-Cuban-rock-jazz-blues band, was a righteous force coming straight out of “the neighborhood.”

• Catch a great video montage of some of WAR’s biggest hits

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“…mix of socially conscious messages and irresistible grooves… a formidable funk machine” -CD Universe

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