World Party Returns!


Since they made international waves with their 1986 hit, “Ship of Fools,” World Party has earned critical acclaim and an admirable following at every turn. The band’s records have been few, but excellent, eliciting comparisons to other bands with few records but little filler on them, like the Velvet Underground and Nick Lowe. World Party frontman Karl Wallinger has a singular reputation for crafting pristine pop songs. Not only has the reputation been hard-earned, the simple ability to perform has been as well.

“His renditions of “Like A Rolling Stone” and “Sweetheart Like You” makes you wish Dylan had as good a singing voice.” –Huffington Post

World Party spent most of the 90’s poised to break into the mainstream pop market like many of their peers. They released five albums, scoring a number of hits in the UK. In 1994, they recorded a track, “When You Come Back To Me,” for the cult-90’s classic Reality Bites soundtrack. However, in February 2001 Wallinger was struck down by an aneurysm that left him with no right hand vision in both eyes.

After a long rehabilitation, Wallinger re-emerged onto the scene, playing his first live show in many years at the 2006 South by Southwest festival. In September 2007, World Party supported Steely Dan in both bands’ first tour of Australia. In 2012 World Party released a new five CD collection of new songs, live recordings and cover versions, titled “Arkeology.” With this sprawling addition to World Party’s catalog, Wallinger is making up for lost time, and is also acutely aware of the need to capture the moment: World Party is currently planning a new album, due for release later this year.

“he has not lost the knack of penning cerebral, erudite pop essays drenched in gorgeously winning, Beatles-esque melodies.” –Guardian

Due to popular demand we’ve added a SECOND 9PM show! So come join the party here at The Dakota on July 31st. Ticket’s are $35 for both 7PM & 9PM. You can purchase tickets online at or through the Box Office at 612-332-5299. See you there!

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