“Living Colour is magic”

“Living Colour is magic. When you wonder how in the heck a veteran band keeps on keepin’ on, in the face of changing times and tastes, the answer is easy: kick people in the face. It’s still Reid, Glover, Calhoun and Wimbish. And Vernon Reid is still one of the best guitarists you will ever have the pleasure to hear. But none of that is why this will almost certainly be one of the sets of the day. It’s because live rock is supposed to be a show, ambituous, wild and verging on bonkers. It isn’t the latest music, played really loud. It’s interplay, ambition and failure. It’s Glover, standing in the crowd, looking at Reid doing the impossible with the same awed expression as any fan. It’s a bass player goofing off and falling over, but not missing a note as the lead vocalist props him up. It’s a show. This band has aged gracefully, sliding ever closer to funk-based metal as time passes, and has gained power with that sonic elder statesman status. Reid’s power chords have heft, his borderline academic status allowing him and his band to transcend that “legacy rock” stuff. My heavens, what a set.” – Chicago Tribune

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