The music of Miles Davis at the Dakota


The SFJAZZ Collective are an octet, who come together each year to honor a single iconic musician, by performing new arrangements of their established works. They also sponsor a wide array of classes, and workshops, in addition to playing family friendly concerts in the San Francisco Bay area. Community outreach is a huge part of what SFJAZZ Collective is all about.

SFJAZZ Collective have an immense respect for music, especially jazz, and this is apparent in concert. They were founded in an effort to pay homage to the early days of jazz, while featuring this music as an evolving entity, with abundance to offer to the present and future. With this in in mind, SFJAZZ Collective have created new and interesting ways of experiencing the familiar. Artists celebrated by SFJAZZ Collective include Thelonious Monk, McCoy Tyner, Chick Corea, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. Fortunately for us, they document each year’s tribute with a live album.

This year, SFJAZZ Collective are focusing on the legendary Miles Davis. Deemed the “Picasso of Jazz”, Davis’ music is some of the most influential and innovative in the jazz world. Anticipation is high, as we look forward to the SFJAZZ Collective interpreting works by this seminal artist.  You must check out this fresh take on the classic, as the SFJAZZ Collective honor Miles Davis, with four phenomenal shows at the Dakota Jazz Club on April 24th and 25th. They will be special.

See you at the Dakota.

Stacey Tyler @childofprince
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