House of Waters

June 12 | 7pm

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House of Waters is a trio that incorporates elements of West-African, jazz, psychedelic, indie rock, classical and world music into their astonishingly unique sound. Five years after their groundbreaking Revolution, House of Waters now returns with its eponymous follow-up. Featuring Max ZT on hammered dulcimer, Moto Fukushima on six-string bass, and newly added percussionist Argentinian-born Ignacio Rivas-Bixio rounds out the touring trio. The album also features virtuosic cellist Dave Eggar, flautist Sam Sadigursky and the singer Priya Darshini.

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Jonatha Brooke

June 22 | 7pm

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Jonatha Brooke has written songs, made records and toured since her days in Boston with The Story. The Story released two albums, Grace in Gravity and The Angel in the House, on Elektra Records. In 1995, Jonatha released Plumb,  the first of two solo albums on MCA/Universal, followed by Ten Cent Wings in 1997. In 1999 she started her own independent label, Bad Dog, and has since released six more albums. Her 2008 release, The Works, combined previously unheard, unpublished Woody Guthrie lyrics with her own music and arrangements. Recently, she’s co-written songs with Katy Perry and with The Courtyard Hounds. Jonatha has written for three Disney films and several television shows, and has composed the theme song for Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse.

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Los Texmaniacs

July 9 | 7pm

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Grammy Award winners Los Texmaniacs are the new kings of Tex-Mex . Anointed by Flaco Jimenez , Los Texmaniacs feed the masses, with only the best in musical fare. Founded by Max Baca (bajo sexto, vocals), the TexManiacs are a product of his wide-ranging experience touring and recording with Flaco Jimenez, the original Texas Tornados, Los Super Seven and even the Rolling Stones. Max has participated on eleven Grammy winning projects. Max is the premiere first call bajo sexto player in the world.

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Nicole Atkins

August 12 | 7pm

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To borrow a phrase from heaven’s new poet laureate, Leonard Cohen, Nicole Atkins was “born with the gift of a golden voice.” But somewhere along the way she misplaced it. Goodnight Rhonda Lee is the story of Nicole finding her voice, and how, in doing so, she went a little crazy.  order to capture the timelessness she sought, Nicole enlisted a modern day Wrecking Crew: Niles City Sound in Fort Worth, TX, who had just risen to national acclaim as Leon Bridges’ secret weapon. “We spoke the same language. We wanted to make something classic, something that had an atmosphere and a mood of romance and triumph and strength and soul.” The album was recorded in five days, live to tape. The album that Nicole and the boys came up with in those five days, Goodnight Rhonda Lee, is nothing less than Great Art and a quantum leap forward for Nicole Atkins who, no matter how much she grows up, will always be a little crazy

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Roy Rogers & The Delta Rhythm Kings

September 17 | 7pm

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Roy Rogers is one of the world’s premier slide guitarists. With 8 Grammy nominations as producer and performer, he has also produced critically acclaimed recordings for John Lee Hooker and Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, among others.  He has received numerous accolades for his songwriting as well as his work on movie soundtracks and television.  Most recently, Roy has released two collaborations with The Doors Keyboardist, the late legendary Ray Manzarek – Translucent Blues, which debuted at #6 on the Billboard charts, and reached #1 on the American Roots Rock Chart, and Twisted Tales (2013), released shortly after Manzarek’s untimely passing.

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Reckless Kelly – Unplugged

September 21 | 7pm

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Understanding the virtuosity of Reckless Kelly requires the perspective of where the band has been. Cody and Willy Braun grew up in the White Cloud Mountains of Idaho. They moved to Bend, Oregon, and then migrated to that great musical fountainhead, Austin, Texas. For two decades, the band has toured coast to coast relentlessly. It has demonstrated its longevity in a world where trendy newcomers are proclaimed the Next Big Thing by spinning a couple pop hits. They disappear from the radar, doomed by the very fad that invented them. Not unlike the pioneers who preceded them on the western frontier where the Brauns were raised, they have forged their survival without compromise, combining hard work with a resolve that success is only satisfying when achieved by their own standards and definition.

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Suzy Bogguss

September 27 & 28 | 7pm

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20 years ago Suzy Bogguss was one of country music’s rising stars. Today she is one of its enduring treasures. With a string of hit singles, numerous awards, and acclaim from fans, critics, and peers, Bogguss is an artist truly in control of her own destiny. Her most recent effort, Lucky, out in February 2014, is her fifth self-released title; funded entirely by her Kickstarter campaign, and largely by popular demand, it is a collection of her takes on the songs of the great Merle Haggard. In her own words, “this is not a tribute album… I wanted to make a new Suzy Bogguss album (excuse the third person) with the best country songs I could find — and this is it!”

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David Sanborn

October 27 & 28 | 7pm & 9pm

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David Sanborn has released 24 albums, won six Grammy Awards, and has had eight Gold albums and one Platinum album. Having inspired countless other musicians, Dave has worked in many genres which typically blend instrumental pop, R&B and lately, more and more traditional jazz. Dave has been playing the saxophone since before he was in high school, when he was inspired by the great Chicago blues artists near his hometown of St. Louis. He continues to be one of the most highly active musicians of his genre. Considered as a whole, Dave is an artist who pushes the limits and continues to make music that challenges the mind and goes straight to the heart.

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