Spring Menu Feature: Pimento Cheese

We’ve all done it: cheese in a jar and a box of crackers. Perhaps the ultimate go-to in midwestern afternoon snacking, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular – and so addictive.

Pimento cheese has been around since the early 1900’s. Once regarded as a delicacy in the southern United States, it is now considered a household staple and can be found in endless variations below the Mason-Dixon line. When prepared with quality ingredients, cheese on bread has never tasted so good.

Chef Derik’s smooth rendition tempers Hooks Colby with fresh cream and mild pimentos, and serves it on crusty baguette with seasonal pickled vegetables for a light appetizer or pre-dinner snack to share. Sweet mustard seed brightens the plate, offering a fine contrast to the mild, smoky spread. Crisp julienned radish cools the palette, readying it for more.

Enjoy this southern classic while it lasts!  Call for reservations:  612.332.1010

– Ginger Roby

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