Keep Cool With Our Signature Gazpacho

Are you feeling the heat? This humid summer weather has a tendency to dull our experience of the world. We need something to reinvigorate the senses, some form of cool relief from the thick air, the hot pavement, the sweaty walks home. At the end of the day, perhaps it’s our nature. We’re Minnesotans; we crave the cold.

Enter Chef Derik’s Gazpacho. Though chilled, this traditional Spanish soup is sure to spice up your meal. Compelling flavors approach from all sides, vying for your attention. Cilantro, lime juice, and various Spanish herbs flash and fade on the tongue. A whisper of Crystal ties the soup into the greater scheme of Chef Derik’s Creole-inspired menu. Drizzled on top, a healthy dose of olive oil cuts through the symphony of powerful flavors, bringing the elements of this classic dish into spicy, invigorating harmony.

Gazpacho is traditionally prepared in larger batches, making it the perfect dish for doling out at large gatherings. Chef Derik’s version, however, is made to order, ensuring that the generous portions of diced onion and cucumber maintain their refreshing texture. Our tomatoes – the savory backbone of the dish – are sourced locally from Living Waters Farms in Wells, MN. Grown hydroponically and without pesticides, these tomatoes ground the dish in vivid local flavors and sustainable farming practices. If you’re feeling adventurous, pair the gazpacho with one of our upcoming drink specials like the Boys of Summer to complete your refreshing evening of great food, great drink, and great music.

Oh, and we have air conditioning too.

Gazpacho | $15
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