You Get What You Need: Mr. Jimmy’s Baltic Porter

What’s in a name? In the case of Excelsior Brewing Company’s Mr. Jimmy, the answer is quite a lot. This Baltic Porter breaks the mold, making it the perfect beer for porter fans and more ale-oriented experimentalists alike. But beyond its layered taste, the Mr. Jimmy possesses a colorful local significance.

Excelsior Brewing Company named this brew after Jimmy Hutmaker, an eccentric famous in Excelsior for his dynamic personality and ability to connect with just about anyone. Jimmy was a modern day vagabond, a nomad, the embodiment of that wandering spirit admired by so many. Though he bounced between living arrangements, Jimmy’s failsafe good nature ensured that he was well cared for by local businesses and families. Residents of Excelsior went so far as to name him the informal ambassador of their town.

Among the many Jimmy-centric tales that float around the Twin Cities, one sticks out. The day after the Rolling Stones played in Excelsior, Mick Jagger was waiting in line at the local drug store when he encountered a perturbed Jimmy who, having ordered a Cherry Coke, explained to a patiently listening Jagger that he had received a regular Coke instead. His mood passed quickly and he dismissed his own complaints, saying, “You can’t always get what you want.” Five years later, the Rolling Stones released their hit song by the same name, which directly references cherry soda and Mr. Jimmy in the lyrics.

The beer itself is similarly charming. Though technically a porter, the beer is not heavy; one might go so far as to say it drinks more like a brown ale. Conditioned on cherry wood and brewed with licorice root, the beer is anchored by a pleasant sweetness, which blends perfectly with the light wood flavor. Split a bottle with your date, and consider pairing it with our Young Hen for a hearty backdrop to an evening of music and conversation.

There’s a streak of cherry that runs through Excelsior’s Baltic Porter, Mr. Jimmy’s life story, and the history of rock ‘n’ roll. What could be sweeter? We only have a few cases left before this seasonal beer disappears from our supply, so don’t delay! Make like Mr. Jimmy and get what you need.

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