Sometimes it’s best to keep things light. Moving furniture, whipping up a frittata, talking politics with the in-laws – sometimes levity is your best friend. If you’re looking to keep it light during your Dakota experience, you’ll find the ideal match in Chef Derik’s Salmon Bacon BLT. This inventive take on a familiar summer favorite will have you feeling positively buoyant.

The dish is a twist on a classic snack. Many of the usual suspects are present – romaine, local tomatoes from Living Waters Farm, a creamy aioli suffused with dill– and upon first glance the sandwich may look just like its traditional namesake. But the eponymous pork product at the original dish’s center has been replaced with thin, crisp strips of Atlantic salmon, smoked by Cambridge House in Santa Barbara, California. Each strip is dehydrated and cured in the style of bacon, with pepper and local maple syrup lending the protein a sweet and savory depth of flavor that plays against the backdrop of the BLT’s more classic elements. Served on lightly toasted rye from St. Agnes Bakery in St. Paul, this may well be your new favorite sandwich.

Indeed, the flavor profile of this BLT – or perhaps we should say SLT – is reminiscent of a trip to your neighborhood delicatessen. The combination of dill and salmon bacon conjures memories of cream cheese and lox, and the structuring rye bread makes this dish irresistible to the deli lover in your party. This is very much a perfect option for a pescatarian or those abstaining from pork and red meat. But really, the dish is a perfect fit for any adventurous foodie in the mood for a nice sandwich. And who doesn’t love a nice sandwich?

Try pairing it with a glass of the Pullus pinot grigio. This fruity white’s pinkish, rosy overtones draw out the rich, peppery-sweet flavors of the salmon, and the herbaceous undertones play nicely against the aioli’s contribution of dill. Moreover, the backbone of acidity intensifies and unites the Salmon Bacon BLT’s symphony of flavors, bringing them into delicate relief.

It’s true what they say: bacon makes everything better. Discover for yourself at Dakota.

Salmon Bacon BLT | $15
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