First Taste of Our Fall Menu

Well, it’s official: summer’s over. On Monday, September 25th, we at the Dakota are packing up our beach hats and short shorts and rolling out our Fall menu. We’re keeping the specifics of the Fall revisions under wraps for just a bit longer, but fear not: the majority of your favorites aren’t going anywhere. (HOWEVER, if you’re looking to have one last bite of our peach salad, gazpacho, salmon bacon BLT, lobster risotto, peach cobbler, or vanilla cheesecake, you might want to swing by the club this week…)

What does a menu change entail? Good question. The Dakota kitchen is driven by a commitment to incorporating the finest local ingredients into a menu informed both by classic Southern comforts and modern bistro technique. Accordingly, menu changes aren’t dictated purely by the whim of our head chef Derik Moran; they are more directly beholden to the agricultural wisdom of the Minnesota farmers who provide our highest quality ingredients. As the seasons change, so do their crops, and it is this rotation of available fixings that animates the seasonal Dakota menu.

Within the Dakota family, menu changes are something like a holiday. The entire staff is invited to the club on a Saturday afternoon for a shared meal consisting of plate after plate of new menu items. Servers are afforded the chance to sample each dish and listen as Chef Derik breaks each one down, laying out their seasonal underpinnings as well as their place within the fresh, three-dimensional menu. The meal allows us to knowledgeably serve our patrons, but it also fosters a sense of community within the staff that radiates throughout our intimate club environment. For all the fast-paced, seasonal, mercurial aspects of the fine dining world, the staff meal reminds us that we are first and foremost a family.

On Monday, we invite you to join the family. Experience the fall menu at Dakota.

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