Is there anything in the world so versatile as a French fry? An imported staple of American dining, the pomme frite is as naturally paired with a fine, date-night steak as it is with a midnight burger. There’s something comforting about the classic starch; its adaptability makes it the perfect receptacle for virtually any condiment, which makes the dining experience flexible, customizable, personal. It’s a welcome addition to any plate, perched on the side of the plate like a universal companion.

On the Dakota’s menu pommes frites are joined by their sibling, our house fries. Though similar, these two distinct options offer different takes on the timeless side. Pommes frites are finely cut, dried off, and then frozen prior to frying in order to ensure a light, crisp texture. House fries, on the other hand, are cut into thicker wedges, baked, and then fried so that their texture is meatier, more directly identifiable as that of a potato. And despite their reputation for being a carb-heavy trapdoor for those watching their figure, it bears noting that the potato is higher in potassium than a banana, higher in fiber than many varieties of bread, and contains elements that assist in memory retention and muscle movement.

Pommes are a natural pairing with any light entrée – our new crab cake sandwich, for example – whereas the house fries are practically begging to ride in tandem with a cut of steak. Try pairing either option with Chef Derik’s béarnaise sauce. The rich texture and understated notes of tarragon bring the dish to life, transforming frites and fries alike into a refined means of rounding out your Dakota experience.

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