KBEM’s String Theory 20th Anniversary
November 12 | 4pm
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String Theory is a program celebrating the connectivity of spirit, passion and compelling artistry shared by all the world’s musics. Join Kevin Barnes every Saturday afternoon 1-3 p.m. and explore and experience this world of musical possibilities!

Nachito Herrera Presents: Gershwin Meets Lecuona
November 17 | 7pm
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Combining Western Classical music with traditional Cuban rhythms, Herrera has been at the forefront of an exciting renaissance in Cuban music. His jaw dropping technique and the rich, powerful soulfulness of his playing blend in what is often an amazing display of musical power and emotion. Although he has been residing in Minnesota for the past few years, his renown is growing.

Melissa Manchester
November 26 | 6pm & 8pm
November 27 | 7pm
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Pop music icon Melissa Manchester is in her fourth decade of working at the top of her field, and is still finding new ways to entertain people. After achieving great success as a pop singer in the late 1970s, Manchester has remained active in songwriting, film composing, and theater work. She has stayed so thoroughly relevant in the music world that she recently received The Governor’s Award from the National Academy of Recording Arts, and still packs performing arts centers across the country for her performances.

Leigh Kamman Legacy Project Benefit
November 28 | 7pm
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The Houston Press — “If there’s a choir in heaven, someday the exquisite vocalist Karrin Allyson will lead it. She’s such an otherworldly talent that the creator probably already has her on heavy rotation.”

Nachito Herrera and the Universals
December 8 & 9 | 7pm
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In his performances and in his life, Nachito Herrera strives to demonstrate that music is truly a universal language, transcending cultural, political, and even generational borders. This new ensemble, the Universals, is further testament to this mission. Featuring musicians from three different countries and several different musical worlds, The Universals present a stunning cross-genre musical journey.

Charles Lloyd and Sangam with Zakir Hussain and Eric Harland
March 8 | 7pm
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Nearing 80, when most individuals are thinking of ways to slow down and kick back, Charles Lloyd has shifted to a higher gear. His concerts and recordings are events of pristine beauty and elegance, full of intensely felt emotion and passion that touches deep inside the heart. This not entertainment, but the powerful uncorrupted expression of beauty through music. When music vibrates, the soul vibrates and touches the spirit within. “Charles Lloyd was the highlight of the Berlin Jazz Festival… Lloyd, tabla master Zakir Hussain and stunning young drummer, Eric Harland – shimmied with palpable synchronicity and flashes of mystical beauty,” stated award winning writer, Joe Woodard in the Santa Barbara Independent.

Charles Lloyd & the Marvels w/ Lucinda Williams featuring Bill Frisdell
March 9 & 10 | 7pm & 10pm
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The Marvels see the iconic saxophonist and recent NEA Jazz Master in the company of a new band featuring guitarist Bill Frisell and pedal steel guitarist Greg Leisz, along with his longtime quartet members bassist Reuben Rogersand drummer Eric Harland. The group plays songs that range from traditional hymns to anti-war folk protests to re-envisioned Lloyd originals from his earlier recordings.

Lucinda Williams has established a reputation as one of rock’s most uncompromising and consistently fascinating writers and performers, earning kudos from artists as diverse as Mary-Chapin Carpenter (who helped win Williams a Grammy with her recording of “Passionate Kisses”) and Elvis Costello (who joins her for a duet on the Little Honey mini-drama “Jailhouse Tears”).

Charles Lloyd New Quartet featuring Jason Moran, Reuben Rogers and Eric Harland
March 11 | 6pm & 8pm
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One of the giants of jazz saxophone, Charles Lloyd’s appearances have been rare and special since the late 1960s. Lloyd’s commanding presence and mercurial ideas have changed the face of jazz, and his influence and experimental nature are still growing. Lloyd marvels at how the New Quartet members “have spread their wings in different ways.” However, he adds, “when we come together as a unit, we find the music and love has only grown deeper. The bond of our shared experiences on and off the stage informs and expands the music.

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