As the temperature drops and the first hints of winter set in, it’s natural for one to fantasize about abandoning the brutal Minnesotan cold and escaping to somewhere more tropical. Of course, impulsive vacations aren’t the most feasible option for the chilly, working Minneapolitan. Airfare doesn’t grow on trees…

…But fruit sure does. Escape the cold with these two citrus-based tropical offerings from our Fall Menu.

The El Mariachi provides a sort of “choose your own adventure” twist on the delicious combination of tequila and grapefruit. The cocktail can be prepared with or without an optional jalepeno tincture, giving the consumer the choice between two shades of refreshment; one can opt for the tart, bracing sweetness of the classic Mariachi or shake it up with bold kick of spiciness. Regardless, the beverage’s spine of Revel tequila and a fresh grapefruit sparkles on the tongue. Splashes of aperol and lime give the drink depth, rounding out the sharp, bitter elements. Whether you’re feeling spicy or sweet, this drink will have you feeling buoyant, refreshed, and tropical.

The Thyme Out of Mind, on the other hand, is refreshing in its straightforwardness. A take on the classic gimlet, this gin-based drink is practically begging to be consumed on your back porch, or a picnic blanket, or on a borrowed picnic blanket on your neighbor’s porch while they’re out of town. The infusion of thyme pairs nicely with the gin’s juniper flavor, while toying with the powerful backdrop of fresh lime juice. Enjoy either of these drinks with a savory plate such as our Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs to complete your miniature vacation. Take a trip to the Dakota

El Mariachi | 12
Thyme Out Of Mind | 11
Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs | 15

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