If you are in the market for indulging your carnivorous impulses without getting weighed down, look no further than our Duck Breast. This dish is the perfect option for those looking for something that balances lightness and substance with expert care and local ingredients.

We source our duck from Wild Acres Farm in Pequot Lakes, Minnesota. Second-generation owner Pat Ebnet and his family are committed to hatching and raising the healthiest chickens, ducks, pheasants, and turkeys. Utilizing both modern technologies and carefully passed down family techniques, the Ebnet family works with Chef Derik to ensure the purest farm to table relationship. In this way, the duck is treated with the utmost care at every level of the process. To borrow a turn of phrase from the farm itself, Wild Acres knows how to raise a good bird.

At the Dakota, our aim is to represent the integrity of Wild Acres’ game through our duck breast. The dish can be served rare, though we recommend enjoying it somewhere between medium-rare and medium. A mild gamey flavor makes this protein distinct from other poultry, and the fattiness of the skin crisps up its layered texture. Pit beans, rich and robust after an hours long reduction process, are prepared with French Tarbais beans, trinity vegetables, bacon, sherry vinegar, sherry wine, and brown sugar. This side supports and elaborates on the flavor profile of the central protein, supplementing the duck with a sweet and spicy flair.

Brussels sprouts round out the plate, exposed to a flame just long enough to soften and char the outer skin of the vegetable– a technique Chef Derik refers to as “blistering.” The dish is perfect as a light entrée, or as a bite to share with your date. Try pairing it with a glass of the Terredora di Paolo Falanghina. Its, round full-bodied notes temper the heat of the dish while playing with the earthy notes of the duck and the pit beans.

Duck Breast | 18
Terredora di Paolo Falanghina | 9/gl

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