A Gift from the Russian River Valley: Ramey Chardonnay

Forget everything you know about Chardonnay. I’ll give you a minute… Did you do it? No? Well no worries, because the newest edition to our by-the-glass wine list will wipe that memory clean for you. The Ramey Chardonnay is a revelation for chardonnay lovers and skeptics alike.

From the moment David Ramey and his wife founded Ramey Wine Cellars in 1996, the winery has been at the forefront of the Russian River Valley’s reputation for producing elegant, beautiful wines. Known for the exceptional thought and care that goes into every vintage, Ramey was hailed as one of California’s “best and most respected winemakers” by Decanter magazine in 2015. What’s more, the Russian River Valley region is particularly renowned for their Chardonnay. This acclaim may surprise some – after all, Chardonnay is not typically thought of as a prestige wine. But it will come as no shock to anyone who has sampled Ramey’s product.

“Chardonnay at its best has richness with a combination of minerality and acidity,” Ramey explains. “It’s the red wine of white wines, and for two primary reasons: barrel fermentation and malolactic fermentation. All the other aromatic white grapes of the world are typically ‘non malo’ and aren’t barrel fermented.”

This process of malolactic fermentation is what gives Chardonnay its uniquely rich mouth feel. The Ramey Chardonnay is bold but refined, less oaky than comparable vintages with notes of lemon confit, orchard fruit, and chamomile laced into a silky finish. These floral elements make it an eminently strong option for pairing with food. Most notably, the Ramey is not overly buttery in the way that turns select connoisseurs off; it is not the “butter bomb” that so many assume is synonymous with Chardonnay. In fact, the Ramey is perfectly balanced and one of the highest rated wines in Napa.

Having a wine of this repute as a glass pour offering is rare. For the holiday season, we are giving guests the opportunity to treat themselves to a glass of very special wine instead of having to splurge on a while bottle. If you are feeling particularly festive, as most are during the month of December, a glass of Ramey Chardonnay is the perfect way to throw a little celebration over dinner.

Meet the new Chardonnay, only at Dakota.

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