Though associated more often with Brooklynite Millennial culture than European tradition, avocado toast is a classic Spanish dish that makes use of the region’s native vegetation and lively tapestry of flavors. The light dish is perfect for an afternoon snack, and can be modified with additional ingredients into a more complete meal. Chef Derik’s take on the Spanish favorite overflows with rich flavors – and it’s pretty to look at, too. It just might be your new favorite miniature meal.

The dish rises out of the plate in layers. A house-baked brioche stuffed with house-made chorizo lies at the base, anchoring the dish in a savory depth. On top of this, a charred avocado half gives the people what they want – namely, avocado. The avocado’s creamy texture plays against the brioche’s crunch, lending the dish a sense of interplay. Perched at the very top, a poached hen egg invites you to make the dish your own, to compose each bite from the rich array of elements. Is there anything more tantalizing than soft egg and avocado melting into toasted, buttery brioche? (Hint: no). The dish is finished with fresh lime, cilantro, and cayenne, bright flavors that imbue the flavor profile with a touch of fiery sparkle.

And although it is often derided for its high caloric content, the avocado boasts a number of health benefits. The odd fruit is high in fiber, healthy fats, and enriching B vitamins, and has been known to actually lower cholesterol and protect eyesight. In moderation, the avocado is a versatile cornerstone of a healthy diet.

This dish is coming off our Winter Menu THIS FRIDAY (December 15), so don’t miss your opportunity to get your avocado on. Try pairing it with a glass of Veuve Clicquot champagne. The bright acidity and light effervescent foam brings the rich flavors into relief while its toasty quality (something the house of clicquot is famous for) marries perfectly with the more decadent flavor profiles of brioche and egg, elevating the experience to a whole new level of luxury.

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