Widely considered a delicacy in culinary cultures around the world, there is something undeniably special about a tuna steak. While its flavor profile is reminiscent of sandwiches whipped up for an afternoon snack or a hasty school lunch, the tuna steak possesses a sophisticated texture and savory taste unlike any other protein. Chef Derik’s seared tuna takes this member of the mackerel family to the next level.

The dish begins with sushi-grade tuna served rare, seared just long enough to cook the outermost layer of the 6oz strip without compromising the rare quality of the raw product. Spicy chorizo joins it on the plate, balancing out the tuna’s bright overtones and depth of flavor with the warmth of umami, while small portions of avocado temper this interplay with a rich creaminess. A jalapeño garnish elevates the flavors in the chorizo and adds a touch of heat, and pepita (known colloquially as pumpkin seed) enlivens the plate with a bit of texture.

The seared tuna is an excellent protein option for guests who are looking for something that walks the line between substantial and light. On top of its generous protein content, tuna contains a wealth of healthy omega-3 oils which, in addition to boosting cognitive and behavioral function, has been known to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, arthritis, and heart disease.

Try pairing it with a glass of rosé, cava to keep up with the traditional Spanish flavor profile established by the chorizo. The beautiful pink color matches the tuna perfectly, while the bubbles lift each of the flavors to new heights that pop in a gentle marriage of citrus and hazelnut.

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