‘Tis the season – for what, exactly? As the temperature drops from cold to extremely cold, it’s only natural for the mind to wander toward different methods of warming up, either literally or in a more figurative, cuddly-and-cozy sense. At the Dakota, we can offer you both types of warmth in the form of Elle’s Irish Cream, a delicious and popular item on our bar and dessert menus. Though it is available year-round, this drink is uniquely able to get just about anyone into the holiday spirit.

Named after our star bartender and inventor of the recipe, Elle’s Irish Cream is freshly made in house every week. Elle mixes Powers whiskey with a secret blend of dark chocolate, salted caramel, vanilla, almond, espresso, fresh creams, and a little something extra. The exact ratios and secret ingredients are kept under wraps, and this element of mystery makes the drink a little sweeter. The Irish cream makes for an excellent liquid dessert, something light to cap off your evening. It’s guaranteed to imbue the rest of your night with a little warmth.

What’s more, the drink is as versatile as it is delicious. Enjoy the Irish cream hot, cold, neat, on the rocks, or served with coffee. It also mixes well with ice cream, root beer, and crème de menthe if you are in the market for a dessert cocktail – something like a chocolate martini, for example. And as Elle points out, it can be incorporated into “one mean grasshopper.” If you’re looking for a full dessert experience, try pairing the Irish cream with the chocolate torte for a full spectrum of lush chocolate flavors.

The Dakota offers our guests a variety of music and cuisine, and this diversity of experience is reflected in Elle’s Irish Cream. The next time you pay us a visit, treat yourself to a bit of holiday cheer and give it a try.

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