No Limit: The LTD Chocolate Cream Ale

LTD Brewing is not the microbrewery of choice for those who fear change. Friends Jem and Blake founded the brewery together in 2003. After meeting at the University of Minnesota and bonding over a mutual desire to (legally) obtain relatively inexpensive beer, the two students decided: why not brew our own? Since its inception, this spirit of exploratory ingenuity has fueled Jem and Blake’s pursuit of microbrews that is more interesting, more drinkable, and of higher quality than the standard fare. Each brew is produced for only a few weeks, which explains the titular LTD (short for limited). It also explains LTD’s reputation for tireless experimentation and innovation.

One particularly successful example of this creative flux is LTD’s Chocolate Cream Ale. The beer is dark in color, while remaining surprisingly light in body and flavor. The central chocolate profile is elaborated with warm coffee notes, a pointed nuttiness, and a healthy amount of malt. It is the perfect beer for those looking for rich, malty flavors that won’t weigh the drinker down. Moreover, the ale can be paired with any portion of a meal. Try pairing it with our Brussels sprouts or pit beans, or a chef’s cut of steak if you are in the mood for something more substantial. And if your evening is already winding down, the beer is a natural partner for anything chocolate. The chocolate torte, perhaps?

Our stock of this special ale is limited – or should I say, LTD – so don’t delay in giving it a try.

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