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In the world of contemporary jazz, Acoustic Alchemy stands as a beacon of innovation and musical excellence. Reflecting on their journey, the band finds themselves amidst a significant milestone—the release of their latest album. The anticipation has been palpable, with fans eagerly awaiting new material since the launch of their previous studio album, Roseland, back in 2011, followed by the electrifying Live In London in 2014. Miles Gilderdale, reflecting on the band’s journey, remarks, “It has almost become a running joke after every single show—we are constantly being asked, ‘When’s the new album coming out?’ It’s nice to finally have an answer for them.”

However, behind the scenes, Acoustic Alchemy’s approach to album production is deliberate and thoughtful. For them, it’s not about adhering to rigid timelines dictated by record labels. “We’re quite lucky,” Miles comments, “in that respect; we don’t have a record label breathing down our necks telling us we need to put out something every year.” Greg Carmichael, adding his perspective, emphasizes that they only enter the studio when they have material they truly believe in. “It’s been quite a while since I’ve had the space to even think about being creative,” he reflects.

Over three decades, Acoustic Alchemy has carved a unique niche for itself in the music industry. Their eclectic mix of styles defies easy genre classification, spanning from new adult contemporary to smooth jazz. However, despite the labels thrown their way, the band has always maintained their individuality and artistic integrity. “We’ve never really thought about ourselves as being in any one particular genre,” the band reflects. This commitment to musical authenticity and creativity has been the driving force behind their enduring success, cementing Acoustic Alchemy’s legacy as pioneers of contemporary jazz.

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