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Established in 2010 by Jay Ernest, the Church of Cash is a testament to his drive to spread the gospel of one of the world’s most influential and timeless songwriters, Johnny Cash. Far from being a typical country band, the Church of Cash remains steadfast in its devotion to Cash’s music, echoing the gentle breeze of the prairie and resonating with the commanding stomp of a boot heel. Led by Jay’s resounding baritone voice, the band stands as a tribute with a clear mission: to honor the lasting legacy of Johnny Cash while traversing the roads, testing their mettle and standing ever-ready to celebrate the very soul of American music. 

What the Church of Cash has that no one else can match is their loyalty to the song. Also, they remain true to the message that Johnny left to all of us. The band merely keeps this word alive with a youthful spirit that has entertained audiences completely.

The Johnny Cash tribute show performed by singer Jay Ernest and his band is an unforgettable experience. Jay’s deep, resonant voice sounds remarkably like Cash’s. Moreover, he captures the essence of the legendary performer with his dynamic stage presence.

The show features an electrifying setlist that includes all of Cash’s greatest hits. You’ll hear classics from “I Walk the Line” to “Ring of Fire” and beyond. Furthermore, the band’s musicianship is impeccable and they create an authentic sound that’s true to Cash’s original recordings.

Jay Ernest and his band have toured nationally and internationally, winning over audiences in all corners of the globe. Whether you’re in the front row or the back, you’ll be swept up in the energy of this amazing show.

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