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This evening of live music was created and produced by Brad Steine of The Soul Tight Committee band, in connection with Kathleen Johnson of Musicians4Musicians. It is a complete rundown of Stevie Wonder’s Hotter than July album presenting in order: “All I Do”, “Master Blaster”, “Lately”, and “Happy Birthday” as well as other Stevie classics such as “For Once in My Life”, “As”, “If You Really Love Me”, “Another Star”, “Livin’ For the City”, and more. We will continue to honor Stevie Wonder and his journey to present Black American music and his story and fight for freedom.

All Stevie Wonder jams!

The featured artists are members of the long-standing and historic Soul Tight Committee band backed by the musicians of The kAtband Project, Kathleen Johnson of Greats Gone 2 Soon live music series, Musicians4Musicians, The Spirit of Whitney, Al Green and Bill Withers show, Aretha and her Men, Vintage Cruise, The Classic Aretha show and more!

Kathleen Johnson is the co-producer of the Greats Gone 2 Soon live music series, The creator of “The Spirit of Whitney”, “The Mystery of Etta James”, co-producer and co-MD of “Love TKO… Tribute to Teddy Pendergrass,” and “Aretha and her Men”. She has worked with many local and international greats such as Kirk Johnson, Billy Holloman, Jamecia Bennett, Jellybean Johnson, Thomasina Petrus, Paul, Patty, and Jason Peterson, Sue Ann Carwell, Gwen Matthews, Debbie Duncan, Billy McLaughlin, Bruce Henry, Keri Noble, Robert Robinson, Ginger Commodore, Lori Line, Alexander O’Neal, and Prince.

Lamont Keten is a singer-songwriter from the hometown of the Jackson 5. LaMont is one of Mfellaz, lead vocalists of The Soul Tight Committee, and a leading featured vocalist for Musicians4Musicians and The Greats Gone 2 Soon live music series.

Brandon Hess has sung with the Soul Tight Committee, BKS, and was featured in the “Aretha and Her Men” show.

Michelle Carter has performed with Soul Tight Committee, Bella Diva, and starred in “Jesus Christ Superstition”. 

Brad Steine, drums
Mike Smith, keyboards
Craig Hara, horns & keyboards
Erik Yates, bass
Deevo, guitar


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