“Metsa is the other great folksinger from Minnesota’s Mesabi Iron Range.” — Huffington Post


Guitarist Paul Metsa and harmonica player/vocalist Sonny Earl started playing together in 1997. At that time, Metsa was a hot name in the Minnesota music scene. Sonny, on the other hand, was an aspiring musician, looking to advance his music career. Metsa reluctantly agreed to play with Sonny, and they have been partners ever since.

Paul Metsa is a legendary musician and songwriter from Minnesota. Born on the Iron Range, he has been based in Minneapolis since 1978. He has received seven Minnesota Music Awards and has played more than five thousand gigs, including forays to Iceland and Siberia.

Paul is the author of 2023’s Alphabet Soup, a book of poems, prose and puppies and the recently published Blood in the Tracks (The Minnesota Musicians Behind Dylan’s Masterpiece.)

After decades of living in Northeast Minneapolis with his faithful dog, Blackie, Metsa recently relocated to Duluth with a dozen or so guitars; twenty-five orange crates of LPs; hundreds of books, compact discs, magazines, and vintage postcards; and several kitchen cupboards full of old cassette tapes.

Sonny Earl is a harmonica player and vocalist from Minneapolis. He has been active in the Minnesota blues community since the mid-1990s. His powerful harmonica playing and passionate vocals have made him a favorite at every venue and festival he has performed at.

Recommended for Fans of Charlie Musselwhite, Bob Dylan, Chris Smither and Willie Nelson. 


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