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“One of rock’s most wildly imaginative performers.” – USA Today


Peter Himmelman is a Grammy and Emmy-nominated American singer-songwriter and film and television composer from Minnesota, who formerly played with Alexander O’Neal, Shangoya, and Sussman Lawrence before pursuing an extensive solo career. His new work is further evidence that his honesty and soul-searching intensity make him one of the most treasured rock musicians of his era.

When is the right time to release another record of original music? Ask Himmelman and he’s likely to answer with a question of his own: “When is the wrong time?” 

To a standard-bearer like Himmelman — about whom Parke Puterburgh, former Rolling Stone senior editor, wrote in Stereo Review, “is on the same plane as Elvis Costello, Graham Parker, and Bruce Springsteen and nudging his way to ‘Dylanhood’” — writing, recording, and releasing new music is an essential part of living. 

“I think of writing songs like I do respiration. It’s about taking in and giving out,” Himmelman says. “The things we see and feel are often too difficult to convey in normal conversation.” 

2020’s Press On, recorded live in the studio with the barest minimum of overdubs, captures the immediacy of Himmelman’s new songs and leaves his fervent vocals and guitar front and center.

Himmelman was excited enough about the songs to reach out to long-time collaborator Sheldon Gomberg to engineer and co-produce the new effort. After getting Gomberg’s feedback, Himmelman settled on a recording date with a rhythm section composed of well-regarded L.A.-based musicians. But one night, after watching the documentary Chasing Trane — based on the life and career of jazz great John Coltrane — Himmelman called Gomberg and canceled the recording sessions.  

“As I watched the documentary, I got more and more inspired by Coltrane’s indefatigable insistence on digging deeper into the wellsprings of his creativity,” Himmelman says. “I felt there were better songs in me than the ones we had planned to record.” 

Recommended for Fans of Gear Daddies, Marshall Crenshaw, Robyn Hitchcock and BoDeans. 



Learn More: http://www.peterhimmelman.com/


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