Red Baraat brings their unique brand of fun(k) to the Dakota

Posted on September 3, 2016 in Music

The enticing cascading joy that Red Baraat brings to any gathered crowd of music lovers is both a dynamic sight & a magnificent sound to behold.
Their manic rhythm driven sound combines an exquisite array of influences & flavors from around the globe.
I have passionately shared & written about Red Baraat in the past as they are always a tremendously moving experience when performing at the Dakota. Here’s a blog from last summer when RT were there:
Allow me to share a fitting anecdote from that last time I saw Red Baraat at the Dakota.  The jazz club is host to all genres of music, so there’s always a lot of of “sit down” shows & many times show goers are eating dinner as the club is also renowned for their amazing food.
People tend to get comfy in their seats. Red Baraat sensed this & then at a certain point implored everyone to stand up. From that moment, the band simply would not let anyone sit down again. This led to much dancing & otherwise festive enjoyment for most of the captive obedient audience. Hence; the rest of the night flowed with massive exuberance as it was perhaps the most dancing I’ve witnessed at a Dakota show. Owner Lowell Pickett would certainly be proud of this.
You simply never know what to expect from a fiery Red Baraat show. There’s mesmerizing improvisation rippling throughout along with their intense precise tight explosive musicianship shining about the stage & reflected on the “dancefloor”.

Join us for this astounding resounding display of Eastern Indian brass funk imbibed with jazz & rock with other surprises as Red Baraat triumphantly returns to the Dakota on Tuesday Sept. 6 at 7pm. Prepare to leave your seat.

“A big band for the world” ~Wall Street Journal
Dakota Box Office: 612-332-5299
~Timothy Paul Smith ::