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Bruce A. Henry

Jazz Vocal Luminary

Influenced by Nina Simone, Al Jarreau and John Coltrane, to name a few, Bruce’s journey has resulted in an eclectic style of world influenced jazz vocals and composition. Bruce possesses a three and one-half octave range, a pure voice with versatility and depth that few can match. His passion for an ever-expanding vision, both musically and personally, is the heart of his 2004 release Connections.

Bruce’s music has taken him to four continents, garnering a large following in France and the Far East. He has been heard on a Worldwide Radio Live Concert on the BBC as well as notable movie soundtracks; Henry has performed on such exotic and legendary stages as the Malate concert in Manila, the Klezmer Festival in Israel, and Le Bilboquet in Paris. Formerly a Minneapolitan, Bruce now makes his home in Chicago, where he regularly performs at top venues and prestigious events. Despite his frenetic performing and recording schedule, Bruce is a committed educator whose “Evolution of African American Music” workshop is an inspirational presentation indeed.

Jazz Singer Bruce Henry thrives on songs with a message by David Cazares – Minnesota Public Radio

What Other People Have Been Saying...

“… he is a true master of the jazz art form.” – Mpls-St.Paul Magazine

“… he’s not only a singer with outstanding skills, but also a man of great musical imagination.” – St.Paul Pioneer Press

“Bruce is astounding and unclassifiable. He utilizes his talent with tremendous ease and flows effortlessly from octave to octave. He possesses a glowing stage presence. Bruce is cool and yet exciting.” – Alan Denais, Latitude, Paris, France

“[he] … certainly has that special something. Bruce A. Henry has this magic in his voice and singing that makes each of his songs special.” – Jazz-Not-Jazz, Germany

“Composer/Lyricist/Messenger Supreme” – Leigh Kamman – Minnesota Public Radio / THE JAZZ IMAGE

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