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Cherish the Ladies

For the past twenty five years, Cherish the Ladies have proven themselves worthy to live up to these accolades and in doing so have become one of the most engaging ensembles in the history of Irish music.

Taking their name from a traditional Irish jig, the group initially began in 1985 with a series of concerts celebrating the rise of female musicians in once a male dominated scene. The concerts were held in New York City and organized by Dr. Mick Moloney and the Ethnic Folk Arts Center. The troupe initially won recognition as the first all-women traditional music and dance ensemble, but they soon established themselves as musicians and performers without peer and have since won many thousands of fans of their music.

What Other People Have Been Saying...

“It is simply impossible to imagine an audience that wouldn’t enjoy what they do,” –Boston Globe

“An astonishing array of virtuosity” –Washington Post

“Expands the annals of Irish music in America, the music is passionate, tender and rambunctious” –New York Times