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Peter Himmelman

Resonant Poetic Rock

During his multi-pronged career as a singer, songwriter and all-around performer, as a children’s entertainer, TV and film composer and pioneering webcast star, Peter Himmelman has maintained extremely high standards. From his early days with Shangoya and Sussman Lawrence to his recent solo work, Himmelman’s music burns with honesty and conviction. With a colorful and lengthy career in music already under his belt, Peter continues to create, both musically and in the literary field. His new work is further evidence that his honesty and soul-searching intensity make him one of the most treasured rock musicians of his era.

What Other People Have Been Saying...

“Himmelman writes songs with the same emphatic edge and aesthetic urgency that impelled the Lost Generation to write novels” – Time Magazine

“One of rock’s most wildly imaginative performers” – USA Today

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