Whether touring as duo or with the full family band, Birds of Chicago consists of JT Nero’s fractured country-soul voice wrapped in Allison Russell’s silver and gold tones. Not too perfect, not at all saccharine, you’ll hear echoes of mountain gospel, street corner doo-wop, and classic soul. Accompanied by just a banjo and a guitar, it’s chilling. Fired by a full band, it’s a full tilt revival.

  • Joe Henry produced Real Midnight.
  • Named “Best of AMERICANAFEST®” 2018 by NPR Music.
  • “Any act of love is an act of bravery. These songs are snapshots of covenants, big and small, of trust and understanding. We want to give people some good news, and we want them to be able to dance when they hear it.” – Russell speaking about Love in Wartime

"Nero and Russell play folk-rock with impressionistic flourishes and gospel warmth, lent unexpected extravagance by Russell’s singing."

Learn More: http://www.birdsofchicago.com/