With the new album Come What May, vocalist Jane Monheit has achieved two goals in both making an album that sounds timeless, yet still addresses the current moment. “So much of Come What May is really a way for me to cope with the pandemic in my own personal way,” she explains. The album highlights her fresh takes on first-rate standards, with deft interpretations honed after years on the road.

From the outset of her career, over 20 years ago, Monheit has been compared to the iconic voices of jazz: Ella Fitzgerald, and Sarah Vaughan. Those comparisons are apt: Jane’s gorgeous upward swoop is pure Ella, her earthy wordless phrases pure Sarah, but her sound is a classic example of a singer leading her influences rather than being led by them.

“Already hailed as one of the best, and the pressure is off, Ms. Monheit was able to go into the studio, relax and sing – sing for herself, sing for the fans, sing for the songwriters… Listening to “Come What May” is like being at a carnival and spinning one of those wheels that awards you a prize based on where the needle lands; with each turn of the wheel the listener wins a definite mood, a different desire, a new understanding. Monheit’s vocals have never been more luscious and sentimental, notably on a hungry, mournful, “My Funny Valentine” with heartbreaking breath control, and nothing could match the eloquent emotional expression on “Lush Life,” the greatest song ever written, performed as though being improvised by Monheit on the spot as a naked confession in a private diary. You may even find yourself feeling a little guilty for having read the pages and the raw, intimate confessions. It is devastatingly ravishing, in all the best ways.” – Broadway World 

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