"The music exploded, showering the room with a joyful exuberance usually reserved for dance halls and gospel services. And no one had more fun than Jay Young."
– Jazz Police

Jay Young and The Lyric Factory started as a father/son duo in the mid 90s that has grown into a multi-faceted family of Minneapolis’ “first call” musicians who’ve been performing for sold-out audiences around the Twin Cities since 2005. The band will revisit favorites from Gretchen Parlato, Blondie, Kevin Mahogany, Bobby Brown and more!

The ‘Bandwith’ band, on this special night, features:

Jay Young (piccolo bass)
Ian Young (bass)
Kevin Washington (drums)
Thom West (keys)
Ernest Bisong (violin)
Yolande Bruce (vocals)
Heather McElrath (vocals)
Linda Sloan (vocals)