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Kathleen Johnson of Musicians4Musicians and Greats Gone 2 Soon live music series presents: Classic Aretha!

From the co-producer of “The Spirit of Whitney”, “The Mystery of Etta James”, and co-Music Director of “Aretha and Her Men” and “Love TKO… tribute to Teddy Pendergrass” comes “Classic Aretha”. The songs you love to sing along with. 

Kathleen Johnson is the co-producer of the Greats Gone 2 Soon live music series, The creator of “The Spirit of Whitney”, “The Mystery of Etta James”, co-producer and co-MD of “Love TKO… Tribute to Teddy Pendergrass,” Aretha and her Men”. She has worked with many local and international greats such as Kirk Johnson, Billy Holloman, Jamecia Bennett, Jellybean Johnson, Thomasina Petrus, Paul, Patty, and Jason Peterson, Susann Carwell, Gwen Matthews, Debbie Duncan, Billy McLaughlin, Bruce Henry, Keri Noble, Robert Robinson, Ginger Commodore, Lori Line, Alexander O’Neal, and Prince.

Rhonda Johnson is one of Tha Ma Muz, a featured artist for Greats Gone 2 Soon live music series and a former lead vocalist for High and Mighty.

Tia P.  is one of the featured vocalists for Gwen Matthews and the “Aretha and Her Men” show. She has worked with Ginger Commodore, Debbie Duncan, William Duncan and “The Crew”.

Cornisha Garmon is a Terrytown recording artist. She has worked with several national recording and touring artists, is the featured vocalist for “The Spirit of Whitney” show, and is the vocalist for Greats Gone 2 Soon and Mid America Talent.

Yemi Love is an international recording artist, featured vocalist for “Musicians4Musicians” and more!

Lamont Keten is a singer-songwriter from the hometown of the Jackson 5. LaMont is one of Mfellaz, lead vocalists of The Soul Tight Committee, and a leading featured vocalist for Musicians4Musicians and The Greats Gone 2 Soon live music series.


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