“Self-styled poetess, folk goddess and country waif, Pieta’s music resonates with a seductive simplicity and lyrical grace.” — BBC

The daughter of two preacher’s kids, Pieta Brown’s early upbringing in Iowa was in a rural outpost with no furnace, running water, or TV. There, she was exposed to traditional and rural folk music through her father, Greg Brown, the now beloved Midwestern folk singer. Later, while living with her mother in Birmingham,  Alabama during her formative years, Pieta drew on and expanded these influences and began writing poems and composing instrumental songs on piano.

Continually revealing new layers as both a songwriter and performer, Pieta is being recognized as one of modern Americana’s true gems. In recent years Pieta has released multiple highly critically acclaimed albums, with much attention being paid not only to her distinct sound and style, but also the power of her singing and songwriting, including fan favorite, Paradise Outlaw (which Bon Iver mastermind Justin Vernon called his “favorite recording made at our studio”).

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“Stunning to say the least. But dazzling overall.” – No Depression

When the world’s on fire and the seeds of division are sown throughout the land, music and ceremony have always held a sacred space for healing and renewal. 2021’s Room Enough, Time Enough, only the second full-length solo record from singer-lyricist & folk activist David Huckfelt of The Pines, is a record about restoring balance: space and attention, peace and equality, redeeming the marginalized and remembering the forgotten. It’s a new expression of the ancient ritual and power of songs to weave a web of resilience and protection over our land, our loves, and our resistance, from a songwriter whose new solo endeavor is a present-moment plea for connection and compassion.

David has shared stages with a staggering diversity of artists from Mavis Staples, Emmylou Harris, and Greg Brown, to Bon Iver, Arcade Fire, and Gregory Alan Isakov. His songs are peopled with the kind of imagery and insight that gives Huckfelt a singular voice and perspective among songwriters of his generation.

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