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Stanley Jordan

A special solo evening with one of the masters of the electric guitar!

It has been 25 years since this guitar virtuoso’s debut album, “Magic Touch,” established Jordan as a distinctive and refreshing new musical force. Although it has been over a decade since this fretboard-tapping phenom released an album on a major record label, Jordan’s relentless touring schedule and innovative independent records have kept him at the outer limits of what is possible with jazz guitar. His solo shows feature not only his mindbending technical prowess, but also his considerable chops on the piano.

• A stirring solo “Over the Rainbow”

• Stanley is the perfect foil for Les Paul on “Georgia”

Facts About The Artist

  • The Beginning – He began his music career at age six, studying piano, then shifted his focus to guitar at age eleven. He later began playing in rock and soul bands. In 1976, Jordan won an award at the Reno, Nevada, Jazz Festival. He earned a BA in music from Princeton University in 1981, where he studied theory and composition with composer Milton Babbitt and computer music with composer Paul Lansky. While at Princeton in 1979 he played with Benny Carter and Dizzy Gillespie.
  • Jordan was the first artist to be signed by Bruce Lundvall when the latter became president of Blue Note Records in 1985 and, consequently, Magic Touch was the first release (not reissue) of the rejuvenated label.
  • Magic Touch was #1 on Billboard’s jazz chart for 51 weeks, setting a new record.
  • Jordan also made the startup sound for the old Macintosh computers, Power Macintosh 6100, Power Macintosh 7100, and Power Macintosh 8100.
  • Jordan’s touch technique allows the guitarist to play melody and chords simultaneously. It is also possible, as Jordan has demonstrated, to play simultaneously on two different guitars, as well as guitar and piano.
  • Jordan has one daughter, Julia. Julia Jordan is a singer/songwriter living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
  • Stanley Jordan is currently a resident of Sedona, Arizona. He attends Arizona State University, working toward a master’s degree in music therapy.

What Other People Have Been Saying...

“Midway through his first set Monday night at the Dakota jazz club, guitarist Stanley Jordan sat down at the piano and played, in effect, a solo duet… he would play a phrase on the piano and answer it with his guitar. At times, he simultaneously used his left hand to tap out single-note lines while playing parallel riffs on the piano with his right hand… Such extraordinary technical mastery has been a Jordan trademark.” – Dan Emerson, St. Paul Pioneer Press • 10/28/2008
read the whole article…

“Jazzman Stanley Jordan’s intuition that music could be a healing force traces back to his teen years. He says he was sick with the flu and spent an entire day surrounded by song — and recovered nearly instantly.” – Angela Haupt, USA TODAY Read the full article here

Read Jeff Tamarkin’s, of Jazz Times, Review of Jordans album “Friends” here

“he pioneered a unique style of guitar playing back in 1985 with his first album “Magic Touch”” – William Jones, GBM News Read the full article here

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